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The Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network (KCAAEN) is a network of statewide not-for-profit Alliances for Arts Education working in partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to support policies, practices, and partnerships that ensure the arts are an essential part of American K-12 education. The mission of the KCAAEN is to advance learning in and through the arts for all students.

KCAAEN Membership is subject to member criteria listed in the KCAAEN Member Handbook and to review and approval by the Kennedy Center. The Member Handbook outlines the list of requirements to which State Alliance organizations must adhere to become a member of the KCAAEN and to maintain membership in good standing. The Kennedy Center awards KCAAEN member status at its sole discretion.

Membership is established through the submission and approval of a Member Application. Member Applications are accepted on an on-going basis. Applicants should allow at least 30 days for review of the Member Application.

Organizations that wish to maintain KCAAEN member status must submit a complete and accurate KCAAEN State Profile Form annually, effective January 2015. The annual deadline for the State Profile Form will be determined at a later date.

To apply for membership, contact the Kennedy Center at kcaaen@kennedy-center.org or 202-416-8843 prior to submitting this online form. You may download a copy of this KCAAEN Application in Microsoft Word to use as a worksheet.


  • Your answers should be cut from another program and pasted in the fields below.
  • The Kennedy Center strongly recommends you do not draft your answers in this online form, but that you finalize your application in a program that allows you to easily revise, save, and return to your work.
  • Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • When uploading requested documents, please put the name of your organization in the filename (e.g., "Alabama Alliance for Arts Education_Board Member List_KCAAEN Member Application").
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    • After you click "review and submit" and the page advances, you will have a chance to read and review your Member Application.
    • From the review page, when you are ready, click "submit form" to submit your final information to the Kennedy Center for review.
  • Once your Member Application is submitted, you will see a confirmation page. If you do not see this page, your form was not submitted.
    • On the confirmation page, you will see a link to a Microsoft Word version of your Member Application that you can download for your records. To save this document, click on the link and you will be prompted to download the document.
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Please complete this KCAAEN Member Application form and upload appropriate documents where necessary.

Establishing Membership Criteria
The following is a list of membership requirements for organizations new to the KCAAEN. These requirements must be maintained yearly. Please indicate which of these criteria your organization has already met by checking the appropriate boxes. Effective 2015, each member of the KCAAEN will be required to submit an Annual State Profile Form, establishing that each criterion is met.
A State Alliance will:

Organization Contact Information


Please provide the following contact information for the organization as it appears on incorporation and/or by-law documents. The address and e-mail should be permanent organizational shipping and e-mail information established for the purpose of carrying out the work of the Board of Directors, responding to inquiries, and disseminating information.

Name of Proposed State Alliance*
Alliance Phone*
Alliance E-mail*
Alliance Website (include “http://”)*
Alliance Address*
Alliance Address 2
Alliance City*
Alliance State*
Alliance Zip Code*

Board Chair/President Contact Information


Please provide the following contact information for the organization’s Board Chair/President. Should any change take place during the year, members organizations are required to notify the Kennedy Center via e-mail.

First Name*
Last Name*
Alliance Title*
Preferred E-mail for Kennedy Center Communications*
Preferred Phone for Kennedy Center Communications*
Non-Alliance Work Title
Non-Alliance Organization
Non-Alliance Website (include “http://”)
Non-Alliance Address
Non-Alliance Address 2
Non-Alliance City
Non-Alliance State
Non-Alliance Zip Code

Chief Staff Person Contact Information


Please provide the following contact information for the organization’s chief staff person, such as the Executive Director or CEO. Should any change take place during the year, member organizations are required to notify the Kennedy Center via e-mail.

First Name
Last Name
Alliance Title
Preferred E-mail for Kennedy Center Communications
Preferred Phone for Kennedy Center Communications

Of the individuals whose contact information you have provided, which should be listed as the primary contact for Kennedy Center communications?*


Mission Statement


Please provide the organization’s mission statement. This mission statement should have arts education as primary or central to the work of the organization, including working to ensure the arts are a critical and essential component of K-12 education, thereby reflecting the shared mission and goals of the KCAAEN and the Kennedy Center.

Mission Statement (500 character maximum)*

Program Narrative


Please provide a narrative describing how the activities of the organization address its mission and goals. The narrative should reflect the capacity, program strategies, and operations of the organization, providing reviewers with a clear view of the organization’s regular work and accomplishments. As part of this narrative, you may include the following. (Please also include dates of events whenever possible.)

  • Advocacy activities
  • Direct service for educators, students, teaching artists, or others
  • Information published or research conducted by the organization, online or in-print
  • Awards conferred by the organization
  • Awards conferred upon the organization
Program Narrative (3 page/9000 character maximum)*

Organizational Plan


Please describe the organization’s plan. This may include a work plan or a strategic plan.

Organizational Plan (1.5 pages/4500 character maximum)*

Financial Information


Please answer and upload the following financial information based upon the most recently completed IRS Form 990.

What is the first day of the organization’s fiscal year? (mm/dd/yyyy)*
Please upload the most recently completed Federal Form 990*

Federal 501(c)3 Status


Please upload proof of the organization’s federal 501(c)3 status (2 MB maximum, PDF preferred)*

Staffing Levels


Please provide the following information about the organization’s staffing levels as full-time equivalents (FTE). One FTE equals 40 hours combined staff time per week.

Number FTE*

Board of Directors Information


Please provide the following information about the organization’s board of directors who are responsible for planning and guiding the work of the organization.

Number of Board Members*
Please upload a list of board members, including full names, affiliations, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses (1 MB maximum, PDF preferred)*

Member Application Agreement


Please download, complete, scan, and then upload the Member Application Agreement. The Agreement must be completed and signed by the Board Chair/President and the chief staff person.

Please upload the Member Application Agreement (10 MB maximum, PDF preferred)*